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Mary’s Balm ingredients has been proven over the ages, and passed down from biblical times, to be a reliable source for treating congestion, joint & muscle pain, tenderness, stiffness and for antiseptic purposes.

Described in the writingsof Maria Valtorta’s“Poem of the Man-God”.  A multi volume book of dictations from Maria Valtorta’s visions of the life of Jesus, starting from before His birth, and ending with the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven.

In these writings she goes into detail about Our Blessed Mary, the humble handmaid, who was free from every taint of selfishnessandhad no other function than to admit the light of the sun (Son).

‘Work in these children of Yours and of Mary, who took them as Her own at the foot of the Cross to bring comfort to Her Heart as a Mother whose adored Son was slain and to give glory to Your Divine Heart, O Most Holy Word of my Lord God.’

In several visions, Mariastates the ingredients of an ointment Mary uses to assist the injured andthose in pain.  It is this list of ingredients, that has been used to create Mary’s Balm, and named after our Blessed Mary.

Maria Valtorta

Maria Valtorta (1897 -1961), an Italian visionary who saw a series of visions of the life of Jesus, starting from before His birth, and ending with the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven.

While bedridden due to a spine injury, Our Lord asked Maria to write down these visions. She began writing the visions into notebooks beginning in the year 1943 and continued until 1953. When completed, the visions, covering the entire life of our Lord, consisted of about 15 thousand hand written pages, which were compiled and published into a monumental work entitled “The Poem of the Man-God”.

Poem of the Man-God

Poem of the Man-God is a multi-volume book of about five thousand pages on the life of Jesus Christ by Maria Valtorta. It is based on over 15,000 handwritten page dictations by Maria Valtorta between 1943 and 1947.

Jesus told Maria that these notebooks are for those souls who want to be very close to Him, like St John the apostle, who in the company of Mary, followed Him to Calvary.

A renowned Biblical scholar, [Blessed] Gabriel Allegra, described it as “a masterpiece of world-wide Christian literature.He also wrote about the “astonishing Scriptural knowledge” of the author who had never studied theology and who only had at her disposal an older, common version of the Bible.

Reading these pages is not only an extraordinary adventure for the mind since it reveals everything you would want to know and illuminates every truth, but it also changes your heart and changes your life.

And this perhaps is one of the reasons why this exceptional work moved even Pius XII, Saint Padre Pioand Mother Teresa.

Mary the Immaculate Heart

Here is the perfect maiden with the pure and simple heart of a dove, here is the One Whom years and worldly contacts do not make defiant in the cruelty of a corrupt, twisted, false spirit. Because she dose not want it. Come to me looking at Mary.

Since you see Her, tell me. Is her glance as an infant very different from the one you saw She had at the foot of the Cross or in the delight of Pentecost or Her eyelids closed upon her innocent eyes for her last sleep. Here is the uncertain and astonished glance of an infant, when it will be the amazed and modest look of the Annunciation , and then the happy one of the Mother in Bethlehem, then the worshiping glance of My first and sublime Disciple, the the tormented one of the Tortured Mother on Golgotha , then the radiant glance of the Resurrection and Pentecost, then the veiled look of the ecstatic sleep of the last vision .

Spiritual Followers

There are many spiritual leaders who have read Maria Valtorta and recommend her writings:  Mother Teresa, Papal Permission – Pope Pius XII, Saint Padre Pio.

Mother Teresatravelled light, never taking much more than the clothes on her back.  But she always travelled with three books: the Bible, her breviary and ‘The Poem of the Man-God’.  Her chaplain of some years twice asked her about the Maria Valtorta book. Both times she simply replied: “Read it”.

Papal Permission – Pope Pius XIIcommanded for ‘The Poem of the Man-God’ to be publish, saying: “Publish it just as it is. There is no need to give an opinion as to whether it is of supernatural origin. Those who read it will understand. One hears of many visions and revelations. I will not say they are all authentic; but there are some of which it could be said that they are”.

Saint Padre Pioinsight into the usefulness of Maria Valtorta’s revelations for spiritual reading is certainly most reliable.  He was a mystic who communicated often with Our Lord and Our Lady.  When asked about Maria Valtorta’s ‘The Poem of the Man-God’, he said: “I don’t advise you to read it – I order you to”.

Mother teresa
Saint Padre Pio
Pope Pius XII

Age Old-Balm

Over the ages many cultureThe balm, as described in The Poem of the Man-God, is made with natural herbal oils combining seven herbs: camphor, dittany, resin, clove, laurel, artemisia and lilies.

we have used these herbs for traditional healing purposes.Today these herbs are known as Essential Oils and recommended by naturopaths all over the world for their natural organic healing purposes.


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To help relieve people’s pains whilst guiding them closer to The Blessed Mary and her son Jesus to whom Mary can call to assist her children asking that their physical suffering be eased.


Maria Valtorta was an Italian writer who produced The Poem of the Man God, writings based on her visions of Jesus and Mary, and on personal conversations with and dictations from Jesus.


The Poem of the Man God contains the best-known information on the ingredients used in Mary’s Balm.  It’s healing properties are described several times throughout the five volumes.


According to Maria Valtorta’s ‘Poem of the Man-God’, The Blessed Mary first used the balm to assist her husband, Joseph.  Our Lady also prepared some for the Apostles and Disciples, to assist with joint and pain relief, before heading out on a long trip.


Is a reliable source of essential oils combining seven herbs for treating congestion, joint & muscle pain and stiffness.  ‘To our knowledge this is the only balm based on the ingredients detailed in the writings of Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God


Made from organic essential oils combining seven herbs: camphor, dittany, resin, clove, laurel, artemisia and lilies.  All known for their medicinal healing properties and used by many ancient cultures for traditional healing purposes.


Mary’s Balm is for anointing the body in conjunction with prayer.


With every purchase of Mary’s Balm a $1 contribution from the sale is donated to a selection of worthy causes. We advise those causes and the donations through our blog.


Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God created controversy among many Catholics. Nevertheless, there are many famous spiritual leaders who are big believers in the writings and include: Mother TeresaPapal Permission – Pope Pius XIISaint Padre Pio.


“I was diagnosed with tendinitis and couldn’t move my right-hand thumb. I couldn’t do basic things like carrying a bag, lift a book or even brush my hair. I knew about Mary’s Balm and got a sample. One evening, I decided to use it and massage it into my hand and wrist. While I was doing it, I asked Our Lady for help and relief. The next morning, the pain was gone, and I had the use of my hand back. Now, I still occasionally get some dull pain, but Mary’s Balm really helped me with my problem”.

Robin Norberr

Question: Can it help neuromuscular disease (NMD)?

Answer: No person of reason or thinker has ever performed a miracle, not even among the saints. He does divine works whosoever surrenders to God. We believe our work is to make Mary’s Balm available. We leave the results to God and pray that the use of Mary’s Balm is beneficial to those using it.

Victoria Rozzi

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