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An authentic, historic treatment, thousands of years old

Knowledge of this balm has been passed down in folklore over the ages. The best information on its ingredients is found in the writings of Maria Valtorta and detailed in the volumes of her work ‘The Poem of the Man-God’.

It is first mentioned in volume one, in the treatment of Joseph, the husband of Mary, in the first volume, and again in detail in the third volume. Mary has prepared the herbs in a balm which is to be sent with the apostles to treat one of the disciples. The book tells of a voyage to Greece when a serious storm threatens their boat and a sailor is seriously injured. He is rescued from being washed overboard by Peter and the disciples applied Mary’s Balm to what appeared to be a mortal head wound. A miraculous cure took place.

These herbs – Lilies, Camphor, Dittany, Resin, Cloves, Laurel, Artemisia and others – have been well researched for their medicinal properties and they all have particular strengths treating congestion, antiseptic and providing pain relief. Mary’s Balm is a straightforward treatment relying on the healing qualities of these plants, proven over the ages. These herbs have been formulated into a balm for anointing the body in conjunction with prayer to be applied as desired to the affected areas.


A balm of broad spiritual significance

To unashamedly promote Mary, her relationship with her son, Jesus, her ability to call on him both physically and spiritually to assist her children (as in the wedding feast at Cana when Jesus changed the water into wine, and the history of miracle cures at Lourdes). This simply means, Mary the Mother of God, may be brought to the attention of many believers, agnostics and all in between.
We can ask that she bring those using her Balm to the attention of her son requesting that their physical suffering may be eased or cured. More importantly, the trust and faith of those turning to her Balm for help may result in a greater knowledge of her, allowing Mary to lead many to her Son.


Testimonials about ‘The Poem of the Man-God’


Mother Teresa traveled lightly, never taking much more than the clothes on her back. But she always traveled with three books: the Bible, her breviary and the third was ‘The Poem of the Man-God’, by Maria Valtorta. Valtorta’s work is a big text, with five volumes, all similar in thickness to a bible. Such was her conviction of their value that she never went anywhere without them. Her chaplain of some years twice asked her about the Maria Valtorta book. Both times she simply replied: “Read it”.

Mother teresa


Pope Pius XII was a bearer of the transcript of the writings of Maria Valtorta. A high-ranking prelate personally handed Pope Pius XII a 12-volume typewritten copy of ‘The Poem of the Man-God’ in 1947. After these volumes were evaluated, he commanded to publish it, saying: “Publish it just as it is. There is no need to give an opinion as to whether it is of supernatural origin. Those who read it will understand. One hears of many visions and revelations. I will not say they are all authentic; but there are some of which it could be said that they are”.

Pope Pius XII


Padre Pio was one of the holiest saints of the 20th Century. His insight into the usefulness of Maria Valtorta’s revelations for spiritual reading is certainly most reliable, as he was a mystic who communicated often with Our Lord and Our Lady. When asked about Maria Valtorta’s ‘The Poem of the Man-God’, he said: “I don’t advise you to read it – I order you to”. Padre Pio was an ardent supporter or Maria Valtorta’s writings and continued to advocate that others experience the writings for themselves.

Saint Padre Pio

Question: Can it help neuromuscular disease (NMD)?

Answer: No person of reason or thinker has ever performed a miracle, not even among the saints. He does divine works whosoever surrenders to God. We believe our work is to make Mary’s Balm available. We leave the results to God and pray that the use of Mary’s Balm is beneficial to those using it.

Victoria Rozzi

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