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A Historical Overview of Mary’s Balm

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  • 1935

Mary’s Balm is described in the writing of Maria Valtorta’s “Poem of the Man-God”. It is an ointment prepared with herbs Lilies, Camphor, Dittany, Resin, Cloves and Laurel, among others. All these herbs have been well researched for their medicinal properties and have particular strengths treating congestion and pain.

This balm was first used by Mary to assist Joseph, her husband.

“The Poem of the Man-God” also tells the story of a sailor who was seriously injured in a boat during a storm in Greece. He was rescued from being washed overboard by Peter, but suffered a mortal head wound. The disciples had the balm, sent by Mary before their journey, and used it on the sailor, who miraculously recovered from his wound.

Knowledge of Mary’s Balm has been known on folklore over the ages, but the best information of its ingredients is found in the writings of Maria Valtorta.

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