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Bitcoin and faith: an answer to a friend

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A message from Jim Eves

I received an offer from a friend to become involved in mining and selling Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. When I received this offer, it certainly gained my attention. Maybe it could be a way to help me fund my activities on Mary’s Balm. Maybe this would be the answer I was looking for.

The research and information papers provided are up to the minute and gave me a better understanding of the Bitcoin phenomenon.

The concept of Bitcoin has a touch of genius: a digital currency untraceable and as trustworthy as cash. No nationality or physicality with egalitarianism built in. My understanding of the Bitcoins person to person network is that it essentially involves distributing a super intelligent system, dedicated to producing Bitcoin. Its aim is to convert energy/electricity and, therefore, matter in our world into Bitcoin. It recruits those with skills and a thirst for money and power, paying them with Bitcoin or derivatives to establish this hypnocurrency.

The advanced Bitcoin miners/producers expend 0.3 watts per billion hash calculations in 2015. This used more electricity than the entire country of Serbia. This power usage is now huge, combined with hash calculations of trillions. This puts the production of Bitcoin beyond my understanding.

Generally it is evident that large corporations have access to power and technology. The small, on the other hand, move forward with their eyes on the prize, using all available resources to produce and acquire Bitcoins.

But then I think about my foundations… Am I on a spiritual journey? Could Bitcoin divert me from it?

You have placed before me a diversion that panders to my core weaknesses. Bitcoin ticks all the boxes, I could disappear into it, caught up in money for money sake, like many others once involved. It is not easy to come out.

But how can I place this in light of my faith and belief in God? I believe Bitcoin will cease to be when the power source is turned off. My God is the source of all power and infinite. I understand one moment spent in his will is worth more than all the good I could do in my entire life.

I will have to let this Bitcoin diversion pass, but thanks for the offer. Fiat fiat fiat.

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