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Gods Luminous Presence

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A message from Mary’s Balm Founder Jim Eves, Luminous God!

What is the lume (luminous) that sailors see at night when approaching a town or city on the coast? For those who have seen it, it’s a beautiful, welcoming sight. Population centers send up a dome of light above their towns and cities that can be seen far out at sea, comforting for sailors approaching their destination or marking them off as they make their way along the coast, coming closer to their port of call.

How does luminous apply to those like myself? How can prayer be in a fashion that Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit may find pleasing, aware of the world’s problems, often daunted by its scale, and my seemingly inability to contribute in any meaningful sense?

The luminous situation can only be approached in terms that are understandable to me, so recently I have been forming my prayer into a dome much like the lume (luminous) above a town when seen from sea. The difference is that my prayers are for those inside the dome.

A protective barrier of God’s luminous light and grace is sought, so that spiritual sickness inside the dome is forced out by the purity of God’s light and love. Such is God’s luminous presence in and around this dome that those forces outside, not of God, will not approach. Further, those passing through this haven by road, rail, or air will be affected, will be touched by God’s luminous presence, taking it with them to their destinations, affecting others whether they realize it or not.

Should we join together in this diffusion? Whether we include two or two million in our prayers, great good and change will come about.

The population in my area is approximately 400 thousand, including ten parishes. I pray that God’s luminous presence covers them all, including those passing through. Prayer is offered on behalf of every individual, giving God his due and our appreciation for every providence. Prayers of Salvation, the Mission, the six Litany prayers and one hundred and fifty prayers of Salvation are offered up on behalf of all. The 24 hours of the passion.

How can this power be brought to bear? It is certainly not mine. Jesus told Louisa Piccarreta, the little daughter of his Divine Will: “The soul living in My Will only has to desire it and My Will does all the work.”

“This too must be listed among the rights of a human being, to honor God according to the sincere dictates of his own con- science, and therefore the right to practice his religion privately and publicly.” — His Holiness, John XXIII.

These prayers where inspired by the writing of Louisa Picarretta on the Divine Will, which has occupied a large part of my life for over 20 years. Brian, a member of a local Divine Will prayer group, also introduced me the writings of Maria Valtorta ‘The Poem of the Man-God’. This lead to the production and distribution of Mary’s Balm. One thing leads to another.


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