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“Many said it could not be done. Yet, here we are.”

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A message from Jim Eves

Some weeks ago on a Friday night I was sitting defeated at the dining room table. All of my efforts to further Mary’s Balm seemed fruitless and I couldn’t see the way to pay for the ongoing costs.

The phone rang. It was my good friend Michael. He asked me where I was living now because he wanted to come and see me. I hadn’t heard from Micheal for over two years, as he had been tied up with his family & his business. Michael turned up 20 minutes later with a bag of assorted cakes from his brother Anthony’s cake shop. He was made very welcome. He explained he didn’t know why I had come to his mind, but here he was. I was interested in what he had been doing, all the news about his growing family.

Eventually the conversation turned to my activities with Mary’s Balm and on it went. When I told him the fact that I was hitting the wall, his response was: “How can I help?” I said there was no guarantee that I can pay the money back, but he wasn’t daunted and arranged to forward funds progressively. I believe this stretched him financially. His commitment was a huge thing for a family man to do!

Two years ago, when I decided to produce Mary’s Balm, the friends in my prayer group offered assistance with the same openhandedness and purity of heart.

After Micheal said he would help, he proceeded to tell me a fable, a lesson that both inspired and gave me a lesson in trust. “Two farmers prayed for rain that was needed. They both sent up their prayers . One went further in trust: he went out, plowed and seeded his field in faith that his prayers would be answered and there would be rain. Which one received the rain? The one whose trust was such that God the Father could not but provide rain to his prepared field”.

When I started this undertaking, many said it could not be done. Yet, here we are. Sometimes, I consider this an act of madness. Who am I to organize the Balms production, start a website and often make financial commitments without any funds? Week after week, we come across new challenges, but it pays off when we see people from all over the world learning about Mary’s Balm. When you walk forward in Faith, along goes a burden of responsibility. However, it is only my job to produce and distribute the Balm. All the works after are in Gods hands.

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  1. Eliza Fernandes

    Hi there,
    I put in an order about a month ago and entered my credit card info.
    Was it not received?


    1. James Eves

      Hello Eliza

      Sorry for the delayed response.
      Have you received your Mary’s Balm as yet?

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