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Mary’s Balm: a simple guide

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Mary’s Balm is an ointment based on a recipe made thousands of years ago by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and described by Maria Valtorta in the book ‘The Poem of the Man-God’.

The balm is prepared with only natural ingredients, such as Lilies, Camphor, Resin, Cloves and others. These herbs have been researched for their medicinal properties and have many strengths, including the treatment of congestion and pain. Mary’s Balm can also be used to treat joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis.

Because of its natural components, Mary’s Balm can be used by anyone who wishes, even those with little or no faith or trust. Many people have used the balm and had pleasing results, getting help with problems like arthritis and tendinitis.

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  1. Ruth Hopkins

    I would love to try your balm as I have multiply arthritic joints and find that pain kilers do not work.

    1. Hi Ruth! Mary’s Balm has a lot of ingredients which can help ease joint pain. You can see all information in our website. Let us know if Mary’s Balm helped you and we will feature your testimonial on our blog.

  2. Jacqui Hunter

    Mary has been very special in my life

  3. Vitus Mulandi

    Hi am from Kenya in Africa how can I get Mary’s balm thanks in advance.

    1. Hello! You can purchase Mary’s Balm here:
      We deliver worldwide! Thank your for your interest in Mary’s Balm.

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