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Medicinal Qualities of the Seven Herbs of Mary’s Balm

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Mary’s Balm was a balm that Mary provided to the disciples before embarking on trips. The recipe has been recorded by Maria Valtorta, as well as the account of its miraculous, lifesaving cures. The seven herbs listed in the text are ancient remedies. They are difficult to obtain in quality amounts. We have painstakingly sourced them and combined them into this earnest replication of the ancient, significant balm.

The herbs recorded in the health tonic are:
Lilies, Camphor, Dittany, Resin, Cloves, Laurel, and Artemisia. This article summarises the many, many health benefits of these plants. And highlights the definite pattern of pain relief, arthritic treatment, and application to wounds and burns and skin conditions.


Lilies are an ancient flower, found mostly in the northern hemisphere, that has been used for millennia as a medicine. It is commonly ingested in powder form, or applied topically in a paste, brewed in a tea, and even extracted as an essential oil.

Lilies have been used to treat many heart conditions, including angina, arteries in need of dilating and stimulation, and even stroke. Lily flower is a diuretic. Can be applied to skin for treatment of burns, and the easing of scar tissue. It is not uncommon to treat open wounds and sores, as well as ingesting it for stomach and respiratory conditions.

This herb has been used for the treatment of spider bites, to soften hard tumors, and even for patients suffering from leprosy. We find the treatment of leprosy particularly interesting as Mother Teresa famously spent her life in the care of people suffering from leprosy. Mother Teresa was an advocate for Maria Valtorta’s writings, which are the source of the recipe for Mary’s Balm.

It is of great interest that this herb is widely used to treat open wounds. As there is that account in Volume 3 of The Poem of the Man God where a sailor sustains a probably mortal head wound, and is treated with the balm containing this and other herbs. With prayer and the faith application of the balm, this sailor is miraculously healed!

With its history in ancient civilisations, the lily was even dedicated by the early Christian church to the Madonna. Now known also as the Madonna Lily, it is often used in the celebrations on 2nd July of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin.

Other names include “Jacob’s Ladder” and “May Bells”.


This compound is extracted from camphor laurel trees, usually the bark or twigs. The bark is steamed to produce the white substance which is then used medicinally. Camphor has an impressive resume as an anaesthetic, antiseptic and decongestant.

Camphor is for external use only. Making it ideal for a balm used on swollen, inflamed or painful joints. The long list of benefits include being able to disinfect water and killing insects and germs when bathing in a bath of water and camphor. It is a known antispasmodic and aphrodisiac. The strong aroma is highly effective at decongesting airways.

But none of its properties are as impressive as its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. It reduces swelling and increases blood flow when applied to joints affected by rheumatic diseases. Additionally it has a narcotic, anaesthetising effect. Its reduction on the symptoms of arthritis is remarkable.

It is often used to repel insects.

You’ll know the camphor smell from the famous product, Vicks Vaporub.

Though mostly used externally due to its toxicity, it is also in some medicines in very small doses. In those cases it has been used to effectively treat nervousness and diarrhoea.


Originating from Greece, this is historically called Dittany of Crete. It is a plant, similar to oregano, that grew in the steep land around the mountain, Dicte.

It is commonly used in a medicinal tea for the treatment of fever, colds and headaches. Hippocrates prescribed this herb for arthritis, rheumatism and other painful ailments. It has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties.


Resin describes the sticky, hardening substance that oozes from trees when they are wounded. For example, amber is resin that has fossilized. Resins have made their way from folk law into pharmacology as drug companies are discovering their properties also. They can have pain relieving, relaxing, and heart positive actions in the body. They are now forming the basis for some anti-cancer drugs. Resins have also been used successfully in treatment of wounds in animals and humans, and for getting rid of parasites, as well as the treatment of sunburn and inflammation, such as asthma.


Clove is a potent plant seed that is famously used in cooking around the world. When concentrated, the oils are a highly effective topical treatment for a wide range of ailments.

Clove is good for digestion, calming the digestive system. It has been used for treatment of gas, cramps, and constipation. It will also treat intestinal worms.

It can provide some relief to severe coughs.

Tooth pain, when treated with a whole clove positioned next to the gum is reduced. The oils from the plant are very effective at reducing pain in the body. It has therefore been used topically to treat inflammation pain such as arthritis and rheumatism, even sore muscles.


Commonly known as Bay Leaf, the Laurel substance is derived from the sweet bay tree. The oil from the tree is used as well as the leaves and the berries.

Commonly brewed into a tea for many traditional cures.

Laurel is now used in many modern hair and cosmetic products. It is great for skin conditions, especially fungal, and also eczema, acne and burns. Laurel can be used to improve circulation, digestion, and breathing. It is useful in the treatment of many conditions related to those three, including, flatulence, cramping, bronchitis, and chilblains.

Laurel is also very useful in reducing arthritic pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties is excellent at reducing rheumatic conditions. It is effective in treating wounds, including sprains and burns, and general muscle pain.


Also commonly known as Wormwood and Mugwort. It is named from the ancient goddess Artemis. Artemisia plants belong to the daisy family.

This herb is ideally used topically, and is successful at treating arthritic symptoms. It can also assist with bruising. In a bath, rheumatism, gout and muscle soreness are all treated successfully.

Artemisia is an effective plant based treatment for malaria. Also, parasites and infections. On the skin, it can clear up ringworm and threadworm. It is a known stimulant for the liver, boosting bile secretions and helping to drain away toxin build ups. In fact it is good for many digestive complaints. When taken internally it is in very low concentrations due to its potency.

It forms that basis of pharmaceutical drugs that treat jaundice and hepatitis.


All of these herbs have a rich history in the medicinal practices of civilisations since ancient times. The majority of them are successful at treating arthritis, inflammation, wounds, pain, parasites and mild heart conditions. Most are used today in aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, and herbal remedies on their own. In Maria Valtorta’s writings they are recorded to have been used together by Our Lady, Mary the mother of Jesus. Mary made the balm, instructed others to do the same, and along with the mandate to pray, encouraged the use of it in the treatment of ailments. From these writings, we have researched and compiled the highest quality versions of these herbs that are available on the planet. With a renowned pharmacologist the seven herbs have been combined into this most effective blend. We now offer it as the most earnest (and indeed the only one we can find in the world) replication of the balm the Mary made and distributed to Our Lord’s followers.

With the backdrop of the effectiveness of these herbs, in this ancient and significant combination, here is a cream for topical use against joint pain, skin conditions, wounds and poor circulation. We encourage you in the use of this balm, and we pray with you for the healing of many conditions.

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