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My friend Tony

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A message from Jim Eves

I have known Tony for a long time. When we talk the laughter rolls out. He sometimes sends me up over my increasing belief and reliance on God. He can be very cynical, due to his long experience in business and family. I can understand when he points to the actions of those in society, who purport to be Christian or at least moral. Where is
God in their actions?

We talk of business, we have similar interests. He is contracting. I am having Mary’s Balm produced and distributed.

Tony has serious pain in his hands, so he has been asking for some jars of Mary’s Balm. He says: “If it relieves my pain, I will buy drums of Mary’s Balm and tell every one I know about it”.

When I most wanted to give Mary’s Balm to my friend, I had run out. I will get it to him. Firstly in the belief that his pain will be relieved. I pray for that. Secondly, that his early belief and trust in God, especially in Mary, the mother of Jesus, will be rekindled. To my mind this is most important. I pray this will be triggered by the relief of his pain, due to the use of Mary’s Balm. Hopefully he may pray the Rosary laid out in our leaflet.

Should you have friends like mine with little or no belief, share this with them, good may come from your effort.

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