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Natural Arthritis Treatment

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A cure for arthritis is constantly being searched for. Caused by the swelling of joints, it is hard to imagine that this degenerative disease can be reversed. So the search also continues for effective relief of arthritic and rheumatic symptoms.

There are expensive pharmaceutical options available, but none without their own side effects.

Throughout history, cultures who value herbs and plant medicine have come up with many natural treatments for arthritis and especially arthritic pain.

Six major contenders for this treatment throughout the ages are these herbs:
1. Camphor
2. Dittany
3. Resin
4. Clove
5. Laurel
6. Artemisia

The oils and extracts from these have been used individually by many cultures, both ancient and modern, for the topical application to joints experiencing arthritic pain. And they have been used very successfully.

Though they all have different properties and ways of working, in essence they increase blood flow to the applied area, usually by widening the capillaries under the skin where it was applied. This increased flow brings with it more healing properties from within the body, reduces inflammation and helps to detoxify sick cells.

Additionally, these six plants have natural anaesthetic properties, which provide effective pain relief. This relief is not limited to arthritis, but also to muscle soreness, injured joints, minor burns, and even tooth ache!

And now these six have been brought together again, from an ancient recipe forgotten for centuries. Six herbs with well documented pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. Taken from a recipe made by Mary Mother of Jesus, and recorded in The Poem of Man God, it is no wonder this balm was effective and was packed when travelling for first aid of many kinds.

Packed into one balm, by pharmacological experts, this is the only place we know of in the world where all six of these ancient pain remedies are combined into one topical cream.

Try it for yourself of easy, historical, plant based natural treatment for arthritis and the pain associated with rheumatoid diseases.

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