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Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII was a bearer of the transcript of the writings of Maria Valtorta. A high-ranking prelate personally handed Pope Pius XII a 12-volume typewritten copy of ‘The Poem of the Man-God’ in 1947. In the following months, the priest who was in charge of postal delivery directly to the Pope’s desk saw the bookmark in Valtorta’s writings on his desk moving forward day by day.

After these volumes were evaluated by the Pope, he granted a special audience with the three Servites of Mary in charge of this work. At this audience, as Bishop of Rome and the Vicar of Christ, Pope Pius XII commanded them to publish it, saying: “Publish it just as it is. There is no need to give an opinion as to whether it is of supernatural origin. Those who read it will understand. One hears of many visions and revelations. I will not say they are all authentic; but there are some of which it could be said that they are”.

Father Corrado Berti, Secretary of the Pontifical Marianum Theological Faculty in Rome from 1950 to 1959, testifies: “I asked the Pope if we should remove the inscriptions ‘Visions’ and ‘Dictations’ from   ‘The Poem’ before publishing it. And he answered that nothing should be removed”.

Pope Pius XII