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Mary has prepared the Balm to treat one of the disciples and tells them the ingredients.
Quote: “… if he has difficulty in breathing, do as I told you, using the other little vase of balm. Take enough of it to rub on his chest, shoulders and kidneys… rub it on and cover him immediately with the woolen bands I gave you. I prepared the balm for that special purpose. And you, Syntyche, remember its composition, so that you can make more… lilies, camphor, dittany, resin and cloves with laurel, artemisia…”


During a storm at sea, a man is badly injured, his head split open by a falling mast. Peter is able to rescue him before he was washed overboard and takes him below to Syntyche

Quote: “Syntyche… goes to the table on which they have laid the poor man… the wound is a nasty one. The bone is laid bare from the temple to the nape… I am going to try with Mary’s ointment > says Syntyche… < But that is for pains…> objects Matthew… Oh Mary prepared it with her own hands, Syntyche says I will use it praying will you pray to < Syntyche appliedit to the wounded head. She then bandages it tightly with linen strips. She places a folded mantle under the head of the wounded man who seems to doze off and she sits near him praying; the others also pray.


The Capitan speaks to the Apostles and the injured man

Quote: “…The injured sailor is sitting beside John of Endor… the man’s head is still dressed with a light
bandage and he is pale as ivory because of the blood he has lost. But he is smiling and he speaks to those who saved him and to his companions who, as they pass, congratulate him on his return to deck… The Captain says, “I did not think he could survive after being struck by the heavy beam and by iron which made it even heavier. Demetes these people have really bought you back to life, because you were as good as dead… they cured you with their wonderful ointments. Let me see your wound > … The man undoes the bandage and shows a smooth healed scar, like a red mark from his temple to his nape, just under his hair… Nicomedes touches the mark lightly: “Even the bone is healed! …”


The Apostles return to Israel leaving the disciples in Greece.

Quote: “… < Syntyche will be busier preparing ointments than working > confirms James of Zebedee. What do you think of that ointment? What a wonderful thing! Syntyche told me that she wants to make it here and use it to become familiar with local families, says John. A very good idea “a sick person who is cured always becomes a disciple and their relatives follow suit”, states Matthew.

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