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I learned about Mary’s Balm in the writings of Maria Valtorta in ‘The Poem of the Man-God’. She details the ingredients and that their use helped treat Mary’s husband, Joseph, and an injured sailor. Matthew states in ‘The Poem of the Man God’: “Those that are cured become disciples and their families followed suit”. My immediate reaction on reading this was: “Why isn’t Mary’s Balm available now?” and this is why I decided to produce and distribute Mary’s Balm.

Had I considered this, starting from such a low base and with no funds, commercially the decision would have been: “This cannot be done. Don’t even attempt it”. However, talking to friends in our prayer group, many offered to share the funds and support the production. Wendy, John, Sil, Sarah and Gabriella were the first ones to support my decision and to support this idea financially. Many others have assisted us.

The first 60 jars were produced and handed out to those we believed may benefit. We had many pleasing results reported back and knew we were on the right path. I believe no person of reason or thinker has ever performed a miracle, not even among the saints. He does divine works whosoever surrenders to God. I believe our work is to make Mary’s Balm available. We leave the results to God and pray that the use of Mary’s Balm is beneficial to those using it.

We have done our utmost to produce the best quality balm and especially ask that Mary’s Balm is brought to the attention of those with little or no belief and we pray that they benefit from its use.