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Who is to use Mary’s Balm?

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“A sick person who is cured always becomes a disciple, and their relatives follow suit”. Matthew stated that in ‘The Poem of the Man-God’, written by Maria Valtorta who inspired us to produce and distribute Mary’s Balm.

We believe Mary’s Balm can be used by those with belief and trust and also those with little belief or no faith or trust.

The balm is made with organic natural ingredients (the herbs described by Maria Valtorta and beeswax) and can be used by anyone who wishes. The herbs used in Mary’s Balm composition have been researched by many experts and have great applications today. These herbs can help congestion, joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism and other painful ailments.

When we produced the first order of Mary’s Balm, we gave jars to our friends and supporters who might benefit from it and many had pleasing results. Mary’s Balm helped tendinitis, knee degeneration, back problems, skin lesions and stress headaches.

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